Print your screen on paper with a keyboard shortcut


  • Prints your screen with just one click
  • Customizable keyboard shortcut


  • No configuration options

Not bad

When I first read the description of PrintDeskTop I thought this was quite a useless app: I already have a key (PrtScr) to print my screen.

But then I realized that PrintDeskTop is intended to print the screen right onto paper, in your own home printer, rather than copying the contents to the clipboard.

Though you usually print images, documents and other files from their respective applications, PrintDeskTop makes it even easier as it enables you to print with just a simple click or a keyboard shortcut.

Being so simple, the program falls short of expectations when it comes to configuration settings. There's no way to customize printed images, and even the keyboard shortcut configuration is based on the Windows native shortcut system, but not on one offered by the program.

PrintDeskTop is a freeware screen print utility for Windows that lets you print your screen with the click of a mouse or the shortcut key of your choice.

To use PrintDeskTop, simply download and install it, then click the Windows Start button followed by the PrintDeskTop icon. You can optionally define a shortcut key to print your screen.




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